A Louisiana Trade Association

In 2016, IRR assisted an organization put together a plan and contacts to pursue a change in legislation allowing retired employees to temporary return to their former positions to help fill critical shortages.


Local & Regional Political Candidates

IRR has served as campaign consultants, management or staff on a variety of different campaigns.  These contests included elections for district Judges, State Representatives, and multiple Parish Council Persons.  


A Political Action Committee 

IRR has provided campaign support and staffing to a newly formed PAC (Political Action Committee) in order to promote the passing of a public ballot proposal.  


Local & Regional Political Candidates

With the creation of our newest venture, Integrated Accounting and Consulting, CPA, LLC., we now offer Certified Public Accounting services.  Over the past 15 years, Emily Breaux, CPA has guided small businesses and individuals in general accounting and tax preparation.  Her patience, understanding, and ability to train make her the logical choice for many of our local customers.


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Parish Council Elections
Teche Growers Association
Non Profits
Political Action Campaigns
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